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Free Pattern Friday – Augustine Scarf

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, the Augustine Scarf in Whisper Lace. I was so excited to see this piece in our office.  Fibra Natura Whisper Lace (440g/50yds) is one of my favorite yarns, and accessories like this, which are gorgeous but still very achievable to the novice lace knitter, are always welcome. When the time came to photograph … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Augustine Scarf

Friday, March 24th @ 3PM

Bamboo Pop Accessories Inspiration

Have you have seen our new Bamboo Pop Accessories eBook?   Part of the idea behind these patterns was to help keep your knitting and crochet mojo going strong through the warmer months…any project from this collection would be perfect for working on poolside. It was such a blast designing this collection. I was inspired … Continue reading Bamboo Pop Accessories Inspiration

Thursday, March 23rd @ 1PM

Color Pooling, Ocean Style

Last year, I wove a scarf utilizing the variegated effects of Bamboo Pop. You can find that post and all of my warping and weaving photos here. For my second go at this scarf, I decided to try one of our tonal multis in Bamboo Pop. I chose 205 Brilliant Blues 120 Graphite for the warp. … Continue reading Color Pooling, Ocean Style

Wednesday, March 22nd @ 7PM

Free Pattern Friday – North Window Stole

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, the North Window Stole in Universe. It’s a simple formula:  sparkly yarn crochet = gorgeous. The three row body repeat creates a striking fabric in our 10th anniversary yarn Universe (246yds/50g), a blend of cotton, linen, and glitter wrapped in a polyamide thread for greater durability. Worked on a size C-2 … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – North Window Stole

Friday, March 17th @ 2PM
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I love Cotton Supreme Sequins! It is super soft and the sequins are just right… Not too many or few and have worked beautifully in both knit and crochet projects.

I think Bamboo Pop would be an excellent yarn for a baby blanket. It is very soft, and I think it would show any lace or cable stitches very nicely. The drape is just lovely :)

I am using Bamboo Pop for a current project, and I love working with it! The scarf I am making drapes beautifully, and the texture is so soft and smooth. I will use this one again!