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Wash Day!

We had a question come in recently that we want to address: Q: “I know your Deluxe Superwash says you can machine wash and dry it, but can you really?” A: Yes! We know because we’ve done it ourselves.  Take a look!   We’re very proud of our Deluxe family of wool yarns.  When we were considering adding a … Continue reading Wash Day!

Tuesday, February 9th @ 7PM

Free Pattern Friday – Back to Basics Socks

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, Back to Basics Socks in Wisdom Yarns Stanza.   As a rule, I don’t make socks for other people.  The exceptions: family, and people I know will truly appreciate them. My father is both, so when he had a birthday, the choice of gift was a no-brainer.  Enter the Back to Basics … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Back to Basics Socks

Friday, February 5th @ 3PM

Knitspiration – Red Birds in Snow

More snow’s in the forecast – could you use a little knitspiration? Our snow is over (for now) on the Eastern Seaboard, but there’s a blizzard forecast for the Midwest.  I love snow, but I’m sure most folks have had enough of it. We feature Red Birds in Snow because it’s a nice nod to our state bird … Continue reading Knitspiration – Red Birds in Snow

Wednesday, February 3rd @ 6PM

Free Pattern Friday – Quilt

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, the Quilt in Classic Shades Metallic. Today, we have a great use of color in a very simple design.  Two complementary colors of Classic Shades Metallic (100g/175yds) are used in this basic but colorful quilt. Each square is knit individually, then stitched together in an eye-pleasing way.  A diagram is provided … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Quilt

Friday, January 29th @ 6PM
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Short story: Uptown Worsted is Affordable, anti-pilling acrylic yarn in fashion-forward and standard colors that doesn’t feel cheap and crinkly. Matte finish resembles that of more expensive fibers.

I just used Deluxe Worsted for the first time in a very deep purple (Heliotrope) color and was totally surprised that it did NOT bleed into the lighter color also used in the same project. I was pleased with the yarn and it is very soft.

Uptown Worsted is my favorite acrylic yarn by far!