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Color Pooling: I Meant to Do It!

Have you ever heard of color pooling in the worlds of knitting, crocheting, or weaving? Briefly, color pooling is when a patterned yarn “pools” in particular colors sections. This pooling may or may not be intentional. It is very common to see unintentional pooling in variegated-type yarns, where the color repeats are very short. An … Continue reading Color Pooling: I Meant to Do It!

Wednesday, July 27th @ 6PM

Deluxe Cable Collection Knitalong

It’s been a labor of love, and I’m pleased to say that our Deluxe Cable Collection ebook is now live! This digital collection features a 17 projects all made in either Deluxe Chunky and Deluxe Worsted. Let me introduce you to them! All details of the knitalong will be at the end of this post. Let’s … Continue reading Deluxe Cable Collection Knitalong

Monday, July 25th @ 6PM

Free Pattern Friday – Just Breathe

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, Just Breathe in Flax. Having a hard time with these hectic days?  Facebook feed full of politics?  Us too.  But you know what? It’s going to be okay.  Here’s what we’re going to do. Take a deep breath, from all the way down in your belly….  then let it out. … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Just Breathe

Friday, July 22nd @ 3PM

Free Pattern Friday – Cherish Baby Blanket

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, the Cherish Baby Blanket in Uptown DK Colors. We’re in a kid frame of mind today!  We recently saw these Blinky Bears knitted by Joan and shared by Yarn Cloud in Virginia. They’re knitted in Uptown Worsted Tapestry (180yds/100g).  Joan made a different bear for every grand kid so there wouldn’t … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Cherish Baby Blanket

Friday, July 15th @ 4PM
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Uptown DK is BY FAR my fave acrylic. It’s great for decorative kid items that need to be washable. Easy to knit with, just untwists a little with cast-ons and rip-outs. That’s a nitpicky little thing on such a great yarn at this price point.

I love Cotton Supreme Sequins! It is super soft and the sequins are just right… Not too many or few and have worked beautifully in both knit and crochet projects.

I think Bamboo Pop would be an excellent yarn for a baby blanket. It is very soft, and I think it would show any lace or cable stitches very nicely. The drape is just lovely :)