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IRL – Jen’s Bamboo Pop cardigan

Today I’m delighted to share a Bamboo Pop FO from Jen who works in our accounting department. Jen always has multiple projects going on, as she is an avid knitter, crocheter, and spinner. This versatile summery cardigan was a free pattern Jen found on Ravelry. Crocheted using Bamboo Pop in color 210 Orchid Smash, it does … Continue reading IRL – Jen’s Bamboo Pop cardigan

Saturday, April 25th @ 1PM

Free Pattern Friday – Picket Cardigan

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, the Picket Cardigan in Little Bird. More than one person walked by my desk this week and picked this up to fondle it.  Little Bird (100g/344 yds) gives it a lovely sheen, and the smoothness of the fiber really makes those cables and ribs stand out.  It’s not stiff or … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Picket Cardigan

Friday, April 24th @ 2PM

Rocked Knitalong – casting on for sleeves

Last blog post, I talked about how to maintain stitches in pattern during the sleeve shaping section. But what I didn’t cover was how to cast on at the beginning of rows. Raveler skcfoto asked over in our Rocked knitalong Ravelry group if we could post a video of casting on. I’m glad she asked – we’re … Continue reading Rocked Knitalong – casting on for sleeves

Tuesday, April 21st @ 1PM

Lluxurious Llamalini

For me, there are more than a few yarns here in the office that inspire daydreams of beautiful projects.  One of those is Llamalini, a decadent blend of linen, royal llama, and silk bourette.  I’m not the only one – designers are picking up on this gem too.  May we show you what our own Amy … Continue reading Lluxurious Llamalini

Monday, April 20th @ 1PM
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I love Cotton Supreme Sequins! It is super soft and the sequins are just right… Not too many or few and have worked beautifully in both knit and crochet projects.

I think Bamboo Pop would be an excellent yarn for a baby blanket. It is very soft, and I think it would show any lace or cable stitches very nicely. The drape is just lovely :)

Classic Shades has Gorgeous colors and the yarn is really soft.