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Free Pattern Friday – Hecka Good Scarf

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, the Hecka Good Scarf in Uptown Worsted and Uptown Worsted Mist (pattern link here). This scarf is a good example of how in a simple design, the placement of color can make a dramatic impact. The lighter parts are Uptown Worsted Mist, with subtle shading. It’s accented by solid Uptown … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Hecka Good Scarf

Friday, February 16th @ 1PM


I have caught the Olympics fever big time this year. This past weekend, I did little more than drink coffee, binge-watch Olympic events, and of course, knit non-stop. Ralph Lauren designed the closing ceremony knitwear and outfits for US Olympic team members, including this spectacular stranded hat. I’ve already seen some incarnations of this over … Continue reading U-S-A!

Monday, February 12th @ 5PM

Free Pattern Friday – Lounge Pullover

It’s Free Pattern Friday! Today, the Lounge Pullover in Bella Chenille (pattern link). First off, a big shout-out to our model Darian. When we have a model that’s this great to work with (and she really was great), we’re always happy that we can have something comfy and fun for them to wear. The Lounge … Continue reading Free Pattern Friday – Lounge Pullover

Friday, February 9th @ 4PM

Be Mine: Free Pattern and Tutorial

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day will be here in about a week. What better way to prepare than by knitting yourself (or someone else who is sweet) a shawl? We’ve got you covered – to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re offering the Be Mine Shawl for free! You could ask anyone in … Continue reading Be Mine: Free Pattern and Tutorial

Tuesday, February 6th @ 7AM
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I nervously casted on with Uptown Worsted (first time for a sweater and first experience with this yarn). The price was right for possibly screwing up the sweater or not liking the yarn. I AM SO GLAD I CHOSE THIS YARN. It is exactly what I was looking for - soft, perfect amount of sheen, knits like a dream with just enough slick feeling and steam blocks perfectly.

Classic Shades has Gorgeous colors and the yarn is really soft.

I used Cotton Supreme for a baby blanket and LOVED it. It was much softer than I’ve usually been led to believe about cotton and the color that I used (magenta) was gorgeous.